General Info

“North Valley” refers to the area north of the Slocan Valley and contains some of the highest and most rugged mountains in the area.  The potential for backcountry skiing, hiking and mountainbiking is endless and quite undiscovered.

North Valley Huts is a new business started by a local resident.  The idea is to encourage responsible, low impact backcountry recreation.  And provide local Kootenay residents with affordable accommadation to enjoy the outdoors.  The more people experience the mountains, the more likely they are to value and protect them.

Hazel Hut is conveniently located near highway 31A, but it is a quiet location with wilderness opportunities for all levels.  In addition to the moderate-steep, hiking trails and ski terrain,  there are also short, easy year round trails and small lakes nearby for those who just want to relax.






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