Self-Serve Policy:

  • Hut is completely self serve to keep rates low.
  • Custodian will ensure that guests pay fees and follow hut etiquette.  Guests who leave without doing chores will be billed extra.
  • Please clean hut, leave firewood for next guests & shovel snow around the cabin.  This is standard hut etiquette.
  • If the hut or contents are damaged please to report this to the custodian.

This policy is in place to keep fees low and to ensure all guests have a pleasant experience when they arrive at the cabin.

Reservation Policy:

Full payment must be made at the time of booking.  Sorry no refunds.  Due to the nature of this business we could lose too much money from frequent cancellations or date changes.

If the case of a highway closure we will allow guests to reschedule their stay.

Dogs and Fires Policy:

  • There is a dog living at the custodian cabin and due to potential conflicts, we must ask guests not to bring their dogs. However if you really need to bring a dog, please email and we can potentially make an agreement.
  • Outdoor fires are not allowed without permission from the custodian due to risk of fire hazard.  There would be an extra fee for firewood if used for an outdoor fire.

Cabin Etiquette:

  • Propane is provided
  • Negotiate quiet times with other guests
  • Sauna costs $20/group/night for firewood and maintenance costs.
  • Leave no trace”. Guests who disturb wildlife, litter, damage the environment or disrespect nearby ski tenures will be asked to leave.
  • Respect hut, property, and contents.  Please be gentle with our clay plaster walls, counters, floors and natural wood finishes.
  • Keep valuables in your vehicle or leave them with the custodian.  Hut does not have lockers & we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • The following is a list of hut chores to be done before leaving by all guests:
    • dump out and clean greywater buckets
    • Clean hut
    • Restock firewood and kindling
    • Pack out garbage, recycling, compost and leftover food.