Please do NOT try to book nights on the calendar, please email: for booking info. 
Please note:  No Dogs during the busy winter season due to multiple cabins/groups on the property at the same time

Unfortunately EVERY major property expense increased by 10-20% this year (such as property tax, property & liability insurance, mortgage interest, firewood, gas & propane (inflation I guess??).  So just to cover the higher expenses I need to raise the rate for Hazel Hut to $225/night for upto 6 guests.  The good news is that Hazel Hut & sauna were renovated last year & solar lighting installed throughout the cabin.

If you have a small group and/or prefer cheaper rates, there are 2 smaller cabins available (located close together) that each sleep 2-3 people & you only need to pay for 2 or 4 guests at the time of reserving.

2022/23 Winter Rates for the cabins are:

Both Small Cabins 4 guests:  $140/night
Both Small Cabins 6 guests:  $180/night
Hazel Hut upto 6 guests:  $225/night
Sauna:  $40/night (Hazel Hut groups only)

Tiny Cabin:  $65 or $90/night (2 or 3 people)
Caretaker Cabin:  $80 or $100/night (2 or 3 people)  (Larger cabin with solar powered lighting)

+$40 damage/cleaning deposit for small cabins
+$50 damage/cleaning deposit for Hazel Hut/sauna
Damage deposit is refunded within 2 days of leaving.

Refund & Cancellation Policy: 
Due to the nature of these very low profit rental cabins, I cannot offer date changes or refunds because it would become a logistical nightmare & I’d lose upto $225/night for dozens of groups cancelling (= thousands of dollars loss for me), instead of group members dividing it up and losing a minimal amount of about $30-$38/night/person.

NO refunds or date changes for any reason (such as but not limitted to):  injuries, covid, illness, change of plans, bad weather.  That being said, last winter most groups that had to cancel (in advance) were able to find other groups to fill their nights.

Please divide up the rental fees among all of your group members at the time of booking, so if you need to cancel, it’s a very small loss of $30-38/night/person.  If you do not have a group of 6 committed people, I recommend booking the smaller cabins for a group of 4 instead & pay extra closer to arrival if you end up bringing 6 people.  And/or upgrade to Hazel Hut if it happens to be available.

What to bring:
Please bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, slippers & coffee maker (bodum).  Most books, cards, board games, slippers have been removed from the cabin.  YES there ARE definitely enough dishes, pots and pans, cutlery for a group of 6 people.  Cleaning & sanitizing supplies & hand sanitizer stations are provided.  Please do not bring dogs due to there being 3 rental cabins & other groups staying on the property.

Recreation:  Hazel Hut provides accommodation only.  If you are planning backcountry activities such as hiking, mountainbiking,  skitouring etc please bring your own maps and research the area before arriving.  All groups must be completely self-guided, self-navigate and self-rescue if needed.  There may not be a caretaker on site to provide information or assistance.

Free detailed 1:24,000 maps that show all the roads in the area:
The gaia topo/caltopo map app is recommended on cell phones

Please Note:  There is currently no sign on the highway for the cabin location, if you need directions please ask in advance.

HAZEL HUT CALENDAR: please send e-transfer to to book nights.