Please do NOT try to book nights on the calendar, please email: for booking info. 

August 26, 2021 Update: 
The cabins will be available for nightly rentals this winter, but all groups must follow any BC Covid Restrictions at the time of arrival.  To avoid cancelations (due to possible Covid travel & group size restrictions or vaccines etc), winter bookings will be not be accepted until Oct 15th.  In the meantime, please email to get on a waitlist for nights.  Hazel Hut & the sauna have been renovated with many improvements this year!!  

Winter Rates:
Hazel Hut:  upto 6 guests for $200/night.
Tiny Cabin (Nov-April): 2-3 guests for $60-$90/night.
Sauna:  $20/night/group
$50 cleaning/damage deposit for Hazel Hut bookings

Pricing April-November: 
$60/2 adults/night (except long wkends)
$80/3 adults/night
$100/4 adults/night
$120/5 adults/night
$140/6 adults/night
$50 damage & cleaning deposit
Discounts are possible for more than 3 nights
Weekly and monthly bookings are possible too.

New Renovations completed in 2021: 
Solar system to power lights throughout the cabin and a mini fridge.  Many improvements to the interior of the cabin & sauna.  Satellite internet and solar power to charge laptops & phones is now available in Hazel Hut from April-November.

Reservation Policy:

All groups must follow all BC Covid Restrictions at the time of arrival. 
At this time:  No guests that are sick or have cold or flu symptoms

Winter Booking Policy:
To avoid cancelations (due to possible Covid travel & group size restrictions etc) winter bookings will be not be accepted until Oct 15th.  In the meantime please email to get onto a waitlist for selected nights.
The rates are very affordable & typically many hrs are spent communicating with each group, so please do not expect refunds or date changes.  (To offer refunds/date changes, I would need to raise the nightly rates for everyone). Please split up the costs with all your group members at the time of booking, so if you must cancel the loss is very minor/ person eg $16.50/night/person??

  • If you need to cancel for any reason such as getting sick or injured or Covid travel restrictions then please be prepared to fill your spot.
  • If there is a total Covid lockdown, the policy is 50% refund (not 100% refund & NO date changes).  For most groups this is a minor loss of $16.50/person for 2-3 nights compared with $100/night loss for the owner (for weeks).  FYI  Due to year round property expenses/maintenance, it would be easier to rent  the cabins to long term tenants than do snow removal & offer 100% refunds for short term groups/winter/covid cancelations. 

What to bring:
Please bring your own sleeping bags & slippers.  All of the books, cards, board games, slippers have been removed from the cabin.  YES there ARE definitely enough dishes, pots and pans, cutlery for a group of 6 people.  Cleaning & sanitizing supplies & hand sanitizer stations are provided.

Recreation:  Hazel Hut provides accommodation only.  If you are planning backcountry activities such as hiking, mountainbiking,  skitouring etc please bring your own maps and research the area before arriving.  All groups must be completely self-guided, self-navigate and self-rescue if needed.  There may not be a caretaker on site to provide information or assistance.

Free detailed 1:24,000 maps that show all the roads in the area:
The gaia topo/caltopo map app is recommended on cell phones

Please Note:  There is currently no sign on the highway for the cabin location, if you need directions please ask in advance.

HAZEL HUT CALENDAR: please send e-transfer to to book nights.